February 23, 2016

metracer — New Release 1.2.0

New version of metracer 1.2.0 was just released. Main changes are:

# Change Description
1 Use of ASM for instrumentation  A move was made towards ASM instrumentation framework instead of Javassist. This allowed to:

  • increase performance
  • lower memory footprint
  • get rid of creation of proxy methods – now a tiny pieces of code are injected directly into target methods
2 Reporting of return values Now there is information of return values of instrumented methods, e.g.:metracer_return_value_
3 Extended reporting of exceptions Now the string representation of exception is printed for instrumented methods, e.g.:metracer_exceptions

With these changes metracer became more efficient, lightweight. Changes provide an opportunity for “hot” code instrumentation (without program restart).