Testing of JavaEE Applications with Arquillian

Consider following trivial JavaEE application:


Sample JavaEE application with module FooBean we want to test

We want to test FooBean. However FooBean uses database or a distributed cache (e.g. Infinispan) or even another EJB bean. I.e. it depends on expensive component.


  1. units tests with mocking of expensive components;
  2. integration tests via FooService.

Option #1 is weak because mocking itself is tedious. Option #2 is weak because it could bring inadequate widening of FooService  – all interesting methods of  FooBean must get exposed somehow as JAX-RS resources.

Another approach is too use Arquillian for testing. It combines options #1 and #2 but is free of their weaknesses. Here is its main idea:

  • Craft test artifact (e.g. WAR file). Include into this artifact the JavaEE component we want to test (e.g. FooBean)
  • Write test class as it were an usual unit test. Inside test class use @EJB / @Inject annotations to link tested modules (e.g. @EJB Foo foo). Call methods of linked module inside @Test methods
  • Include written test class into a temporary artifact as well
  • Deploy resulting test artifact to a real container and execute test inside of this container

Below is an example of a test Arquillian class and resulting test artifact (EAR test-foo-ejb.ear in our case):

  • tested FooBean  (along with its interface Foo) lives inside of foo-ejb.jar, the latter is included into test artifact as is;
  •   FooTest  class is included into test-foo-ejb.war and is included into test artifact as well.

Correspondence between Arquillian test class and artifact (for deployment)

Running mvn verify  or mvn test  (depending on whether this test is of unit or integration type) will result in:

  • crafted test artifact is deployed to container;
  • since this is a real container than all necessary dependencies of a component (e.g. database) are satisfied in a natural way without any mocking or simulation;
  • code inside of test class is launched by Arquillian. Code is executed inside a container with full access to a tested component!
  • after test is executed test artifact is undeployed from container.

Deployments in container during Arquillian test execution

Thanks to modules isolation inside of an application container  coexistence of the same FooBean inside two different EARs (real-foo.ear and crafted test-foo-ejb.ear) is possible. The same time all relevant dependencies (e.g. on database) are retained and this gives an ability to touch and call  FooBean in any way we want from FooTest.



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