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Benefits of Legacy

Nobody loves legacy. Legacy products are written in an ancient languages, with the use of old technologies, strange build system was used, no architecture (really ?) was defined, no unit/integration tests were enrolled and so on. We chuckle on people who created these products. We think that the way we write programs right now is the right way. Everybody tries to avoid legacy.

Well, that’s true and I’m personally subject to this.  But… the only thing I like in legacy is that it permits writing straighforward govnocode (uglycode) :). I mean when there is a need to fix something in a legacy product you can write the most straightforward and most efficient code ever! There is no carma hurt, no hesitation, just the code that does the job. Yes, that’s true! Don’t think about architecture layers, about proper data transition between modules, about isolation, about all these DRY/KISS and so on principles. Go on, write the code and fix this damn problem. Customers really don’t care about how it’s made. 🙂


Useless Code Commenting: //TODO, //XXX and the like

I am always become irritated when I see comments in code containing words TODO, XXX and the like. Such comments tends to arise in all projects but starting from large ones (in which many developers are involved) this phenomenon gets absolutely total.